Doug Vincent, President and CEO

Achieving Results

After completing his studies at MIT, Doug has worked as an engineer and developer of medical products in a career that has spanned more than 25 years. Projects have included many pump based products such as dialysis machines (Baxter HomeChoice), Aphaeresis Systems (Fenwal ALYX), transportable Cardiac Assist systems (ABIOMED BVS 5000t) and Hystroscopic Surgical systems (Olympus ACMI Dolphin II). For the past 20 years, almost all programs that Doug has led or participated in have involved the pumping of blood. He shares 17 patents, and greatly enjoys developing sophisticated medical systems that require the proper blending of mechanical, electrical, software and plastics engineering in order to yield positive product development results and successful clinical products. He especially enjoys collaborating directly with leading clinicians to optimize how these systems interact with the human physiology.

Company History

In 2000, Doug co-founded Design Mentor Inc., as the President and CEO as well as Technical Lead. Design Mentor is an engineering consultancy specializing in the development of medical devices. Design Mentor has worked on the development of over 35 diverse medical components and systems including numerous blood and blood handling disposables and instruments.

Doug began working on his own proprietary pumping technology using a suspended magnet linear motor (similar to a speaker) coupled to a high-performance, flexible diaphragm. This effort grew into the VentriFlo True Pulse Pump and his dedication to support the ongoing development and commercialization of this groundbreaking product. A strong, collaborative partnership between VentriFlo and research, clinical and surgical teams at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, NH has resulted in key work showing the undeniably positive significance of delivering a biomimetic stroke volume and pressure in physiologic time into the elastic circulatory system during cardiopulmonary bypass in pediatric sized patients.


During his career, Doug has become increasingly passionate about collaborating with pioneering clinicians such as Jack Copeland, M.D. to determine how best to evolve and deploy technology to reduce the deleterious effects of extracorporeal circulatory support during CPB, ECLS or ECMO. Most recently, VentriFlo has forged a powerful & active collaboration with Nader Moazami, M.D. and Kiyotaka Fukamachi, M.D., PhD. at the Cleveland Clinic. In addition, strong Scientific Advisory Board relationships have been established with Elazer Edelman Ph.D., M.D. (MIT & Brigham & Women’s) and Robert Jaquiss, M.D. (Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center). Doug and his team are eager to continue studies to demonstrate expanded feasibility of the VentriFlo True Pulse Pump for use during both pediatric and adult extracorporeal circulatory support applications.


It would be hard to overstate Doug’s commitment and enthusiasm for the VentriFlo True Pulse Pump program to improve patient outcomes, reduce post surgical complications, and to lower overall healthcare costs.